Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Trust in God, and light will lead your way.

I love God, and I’m grateful to be connected to God again. I believe that there is something in heaven that created us with divine purpose. I believe we have a loving Mother and Father in heaven cheering for us. No matter how chaotic this world may be, there is peace in believing there's a greater purpose to life. There is joy in nature and lifting the gaze heavenward.

In all things, I’ve ever done this life, connecting with God has been the greatest, most edifying.

I’m happy when I believe in God.

Depressed when I doubt.

In the Grand Scheme of things, I know very little about God, but I do know it feels good to believe in God. Belief is always better than doubt, and you have nothing to lose by believing.

I believe God is The Ultimate Creator. God is our loving Mother and Father in Heaven who created us with a specific, divine purpose. The joy of life is figuring out that purpose, shining light, and sharing it with others.

For a moment, I was an Atheist. Questioning and doubting why God would allow the world to be destroyed like this? Then, I realized it’s the focus. It’s the effort. It’s the energy. It’s the organization of resources dedicated to do good.

We need to trust in God.

We need to trust in women.

We need to trust in our instincts and abilities to be righteous leaders. Encouraging all to do good. Humbling our spirits. Asking forgiveness. Transforming. Shining light.

To all, I say:

B*tch Need Jesus!

Doubt to God translates to doubt in major things including yourself. You can choose to doubt or believe, and having done both, it feels a lot better to believe.

Every day is an opportunity to be transform into a lighter being, and with God, there’s a goal to be Godlike in power, poise, and influence.

With the Universe,

With the sunshine on our faces.

I believe the only goal in life is to shine light.

“Charity never faileth.” – Relief Society


I believe God lives in our hearts. God is everything we imagine God to be in the best light, and our individual connection with God is just a choice, and a thought away. I believe that this beautiful world and everything in it - the mountains, water, air, cannabis – was by God for our joy.

God is a choice.

Joy is a choice.

Choose Joy.

Choose to Believe.

Choose to Live in Appreciation.

In God, my life has become lighter every day. In simply obeying the 10 (and only) 10 Commandments, I find a lighter conscience. I find the motivation to do good. I find the opportunities to make money. I find the energy to care for a family and pursue my dreams.

I find my greatest joy in my family, my husband, and my son, and I thank God for the opportunity to be alive. I am working hard to achieve dreams, and every day alive, is a dream.

We are all living in a dream right now.

Everything, I’ve experienced up until this point has convinced me that Our mission and purpose is to connect with God again.

Your belief in God is a unique and sacred journey.

God is the ultimate power of creation.

Cultivate God’s Connection

Reconnect to Innocence

Be like a Child





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