Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Emma was like an aunt, a friend, and an oracle to me.

Our relationship began on a spiritual journey, and almost ended in a federal felony.

I was Emma's caregiver for many years, until it made a pill popping drug addict out of me.

I met Emma @ a job fair at the University of Utah. I actually met her coordinator at the job met, and I met her that Wednesday. From the moment I crossed the threshold into her apartment to the moment I left, I was in another world.

She had "mild traumatic brain" damage. A condition that demands help and neglects the passage of time. I thought she was interesting and had a funny personality, I became the Caregiver for her and her cat Sir Issac Newton.

My job was to organize, clean the house, grocery shop, cook, run errands, drive her to doctor appointments, schedule her calendar and pills in M-S trays. She had a lot of pills.







and a dozen more pills to fight the side effects of those pills.

Crazy Experiences:

Newt humps the Afghan

Porous to spiritual hitchhikers - Alien in the kitchen

Scary Times - Loss - Defeat

Emma taught me a lot.

Spiritual exchange

I Ching


Goddesses: Kali and Diana

She became a mentor to me. My first known oracle. A spiritual guide. She became an aunt like figure to me, and I a niece to her.

She taught me that every one exchanges molecules. Overtime, I felt like I was exchanging my vitality for her sickness.

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