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My Life Story

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B*tch Need Jesus

(a memoir)

The innocence, influence, and changes

of life in America




B*tch Need Jesus is my life story.

It starts from the day I was born and chronicles all the juicy lessons learned along the way. It's called, "B*tch Need Jesus" after a direct quote from my dad. He said it to me during the most tumultuous time of my life, and it really made me mad. Then I realized: It's true. It really summarizes my life experience: I was born innocent, influenced by the ways of the world. Then, I became a bitch that truly needed Jesus.

I wrote this blog & book to record a legacy. I want to remember who I am and I want to share life's experience. I have experienced a lot in the realm of God, drugs, love, and family, and I'm changing every day. I don't want the fear of forgetting who I am to inhibit my ability to grow and absorb new things. Once I put the writing on paper, it clears a space in my head.

I started writing "B*tch Need Jesus" in the 29th year of my life. 29 is long enough to recognize patterns, and still fresh enough to be relevant to the audience that will resonate with these messages the most. I was scared to turn 30, become an adult, and get lost in endless responsibilities. I wanted a recollection of my life to who I am, and to savor life's rich lessons.

I started writing this as a blog and a book to reach all readers. I chose to write this in a blog so that the information can be free and accessible to anyone no matter what the financial situation. I chose to make it into a book because my eyes burn from staring at a screen, and publishing gives more legitimacy to the Author.

Writing is healing.

It releases trauma and allows us to shape the narrative of our lives. It gives us the power to make a record of our life. To remember and to create. To see how far we’ve come, and how much we’ve grown. To realize all our life experiences have a purpose.

I believe everyone's life is worth documenting.

If you're not treating it like that, then you suck. You’re boring. I hope this writing is an inspiration to share your life experience. To speak your truth. To preserve your life & to preserve your legacy.

I Give You:

B*tch Need Jesus

My Life Story

By: Val Douroux

Photo: Gabe Glass