Divine Intervention

Lord, I need a Divine Intervention!

That's the phrase I'd randomly yell over and over again. I even turned it into a jingle. On the dawn of my 25th birthday, the Lord sent a divine intervention in the shape of a Mormon named Mitchell Schultz.

At the time, I was dating James Brown. I wanted out of the relationship ever since I discovered he was obsessed with red heads. I was not a red head and it sickened me that he was posting this obsession of Facebook. He made it out to be a small thing, but it really bothered me, and it had been a slow, miserable, heartbreak for both of us ever since. I cheated on James. I increased my drug and alcohol use. I didn't want to be making the choices I was making and felt like I had no control.

I'd made a mess of my life, and I needed help. Meeting Mitchell was a divine intervention. He was a light and a motivation. He was the hand that pulled me out of the dark hole I'd created for myself and turned me on to God.

I found the strength to leave a bad relationship, and put my heart in a place of light, warmth, and reciprocation. James really didn't make much of an effort to hang out with me outside of school because we lived far away. Mitchell didn't care. He'd pick me up for school, drop me off, take me to work, and do everything I needed.

I was open to religion, any source of spirit, or connection to God. and it happened through a Mormon named Mitchell Schultz.

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