Dreams Come True

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

"Life is a dream we all choose to create." - Val Douroux

Last year, my best friend Amanda and I set our dreams to move to Manhattan. We didn't have a job or apartment lined up, but we were determined to live there. We saved our money, set a date, and moved in September.

We booked a place in West Chelsea through AirBnB. I chose Chelsea because I love the vibe. There's the Highline, Meatpacking District, great restaurants, cute little flower shops, and tons of people out and about. I wanted us to be in a neighborhood that was inspiring. We arrived at night and set out to find our apartment the next day.

The first apartment we visited was in the East Village. It was dark and dingy with one north facing window. Ew. You're not going to believe this, but their was poop in the toilet! It was a definite no. Amanda said she had one other prospect lined up in SoHo, but I didn't believe her. SoHo is the coolest, most expensive neighborhood in Manhattan.

Amanda gave me the address and as I typed it in, I realized the location was right off Spring Street. I thought... "This is too good to be true."

After walking up five flights of stairs, I realized... Maybe not. Pouring sweat and panting for breath, a gentleman answered the door and welcomed us in. We took one look at the apartment with its south facing windows and decided then and there it was ours. We shook hands, signed the contract, and left to explore the neighborhood.

The first thing we did was grab a slice from Percy's Pizza. It was good minus the fact I almost singed my tastebuds. During lunch, I got a call from Girl Scout's of America asking if I'd be a location scout and manager for their next commercial project. I couldn't believe it. Within the first day, we found an apartment and I got a job! What a blessing.

It just goes to show, with a set goal, faith, and perseverance, dreams come true and yours can too! "Dreams do not have expiration dates." - Richard Lawson

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