Ghost Towns

Do you believe in ghosts?

I've always been superstitious... I believe that ghosts are spirits who linger with unrest and unfinished business on this Earth. The ghost town of Grafton is a perfect example of the unrest in spirits that remain.

Grafton is located on along the SR-9 in southwest Utah. Chances are you passed it on the way to Zion National Park. You drive the SR-9 past Rockville’s town center, turn south onto Bridge Road, go over the Virgin River, take a right at every intersection and follow the signs about 3 miles.

This land was home to the Indians. Then later, pioneers. When the pioneers found it, they claimed it, chopped down trees and set up a homestead. At first the Indians watched. But as more pioneers began pressing in on them from all directions, they retaliated.

In a late night ambush, 52 people lost their lives. Instantly making Grafton a ghost town.

I let the cemetery gate slam behind me, stirring up the quiet spirits. It was an accident. Too late.

The jarring gate prickled my skin. As I read the dates and history of the town, I realized a pattern:

In 1859, 5 pioneer families led a pilgrimage to settle Grafton. Grafton was already settled by the Paiutes and the Navajos. The Natives tried to protect mother earth. The pioneers settled. Feeling pressure on the natural resources from the pioneers settlement, the natives retaliated.


Near the grave yard, there's a trail you can hike (10 min) to a vast overlook of the landscape. (Caution kids).

Drive 3/4 mile west

You'll find a field house.

A the haunted church and school house. Famous for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

I stepped into the basement of the school and felt the crisp chill of cold, damp air.

As I crossed the threshold, a faint buzz whizzed by my ear. A black insect flew down my collar into my shirt. As I threw it off, it stung me and disappeared. Curse for slamming the cemetery gate.

I put my camera away and said an apologetic prayer to the spirits for my irreverent behavior.

As I walked into a bedroom, I saw a glow coming from the window.

Always, everywhere you go, treat the location with reverence and respect.

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