Greatest Snow on Earth

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

The only thing that made Utah decent was its license plate claim to fame: "Greatest Snow on Earth." The snow is amazing. This special climate has clouds creating snow that's dense on the bottom, light on top, and like gliding down whipped cream. Forget the moon landing! The ski slope is man's greatest achievement.

My dad loved being the only black man at Snowbird. From the projects to the ski slopes, "Irving from Inglewoooood!" made it. He was the first in our family to get a pass. He'd disappear half a day, and come back in a better mood. We wondered... Then, he got us all into it.

Irv Douroux

At first, I was scared.

I caught edge after edge and lost my breath.

Andrew picked it up instantly. I could keep up. Brittany and my mom sucked.

Snowboarding brought out a different side in every one. My mom - complaining a lot. My sister, wuss. My brother, X games potential. My dad, a more decent human being. He loved snowboarding. He spent money on his craft and eventually bought all his cars to drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Every time, we'd drive up the canyon, he'd blast this song:

I was just as Disturbed. He'd blast it in the Gad Valley parking lot, head banging and making awkward eye contact with any one who looked our direction. All while putting on his boots. I'm not saying a black man can't jam, but at 11 years old, I was shocked. Especially, at the end of this song.

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