Hell on Earth

Updated: Jul 19

Utah was hell.

A cold, albino Mormon hell.

And by choice of parents, I was living in it.

I honestly questioned my parents' judgement. Why would we leave California for Utah? Why would we leave 80 degree weather, donuts in every strip mall, and Disneyland?! Seriously, we left Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Six Flags for what?! Pooty ass Lagoon?!

We left family and our dog for this?!

We found our dog. His name is Rusty. He‘s a golden retriever.

My dad tried to tell us, "Rusty ran away". Little did he know, my mom implanted a microchip in Rusty's ear when we adopted him from the pound. The chip tracked Rusty on a homeward bound journey through Chino Hills! Our dad drove our dog to the border of Mexico and lied to us! We got our dog back, but this wouldn't be the first time our dad would botch an attempted assassination on the family dog. So much for man’s best friend!

Back to Utah...

Is it called shell shock?

Culture shock?

Whatever... I’m shocked!

I have no idea what's going on here, but everything looks the same. It’s weird and unoriginal. The churches look the same. The houses look the same. THE PEOPLE LOOK THE SAME.

The sun sets at 4pm. And the snow is turning a poop color brown. I want to go back to California.

©Val Douroux 2022