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I'm Val Dourroux, Location Scout & Manager (LMGI™), Writer for Spotted by Locals & Ambassador of West Hollywood. I love to go on adventures, live each day to the fullest and share the T on fun & unique locations to make your own.

Journey along as we explore 5

Hidden Treasures of LA!


Descanso Gardens

High in the foothills of LA, this 150 acre botanical garden blooms all year long! My favorite parts are the Ancient Forest & Japanese Garden. Take a look at what's in bloom every month. You're welcome to walk the grounds, have lunch at "The Kitchen" or visit the Strut Haaga Gallery.

If you're real lucky and the timing is right, you may even get to ride a cute little train while you're here!


2 Freeway

Just a couple miles north of Descanso Gardens, you'll find the greatest freeway in LA. I call it great because it has the least amount of traffic and greatest views of the city (besides Mullholland Drive & add that to the list).

Driving this LA Treasure feels like driving in another country. Here, you're high above it all. There are parts I've pulled over at random and have found trickling waterfalls and flowers fresh in bloom. This road also connects the city to the ski resorts Big Bear & Snow Summit.


City Hall

aka The Superman Building

*Also the best place for free 360 city views!

Park on the street. Enter on the east side of the building.

Take the elevator to the 22nd floor and transfer to the 26th floor elevator like a boss.

Here, you'll find panoramic views of every district that makes up Greater Los Angeles from Hollywood to the Highlands. Griffith Observatory, the ocean, Beverly Hills

& East LA.


Greystone Mansion

Drive to Beverly Hills with a purpose and walk the grounds of Greystone Mansion.

This sprawling estate opens way to West Hollywood with a creepy celebrity/political past that still haunts the grounds today. Reservations required


Forest Lawn

Sightsee in the Cemetery

My favorite place in Los Angeles is Forest Lawn Glendale. The art work here is phenomenal. The Creator, Dr. Hubert Eaton had a dream to celebrate death just as much as life with by creating a beautiful place creates could gather to honor loved ones surrounded by inspirational historical, biblical quotes and art. There's a mosaic of our Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence & remnant of the chain from a critical turning point in the Revolutionary War that won America's freedom.

The beauty of this place is that hardly anyone is there. Just you and the dead. Over 250,000+ people are buried at Forest Lawn and among them include: Michael Jackson, Walt Disney, Elizabeth Taylor, Nat King Cole, Brittney Murphy

& Paul Walker rest in peace with Renaissance art.

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