High School

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

I was 14 in 10th grade getting hit on by 18-year-old guys thinking: “Bro, are you a student or a grown ass man? I'm still watching the Disney Channel."

I’ll never forget it.

High School was a hunting ground. Only the strong survived.

On the first day of school, there was a hoard of guys on the corner table of the cafeteria "quad" cat-calling all the girls that walked by. Within 10 seconds, I got a "Damn, girl! You teasin’ me in that skirt!” I got mad this son of a bitch would think my wardrobe was about him. I like to wear skirts because my legs are short and pants are hard to find. “Oh! I know you can hear me!" I could... I just didn't want to respond.

The friends I had from middle school, instantly divided into cliques. Student groups separated by sins and common interests. The clearest divide: Sports, drugs, goths, and nerds. A simpler equation: Mormons vs. non-Mormons.

We all socialized in class, but after school...

My girlfriends and I'd get lit at the Friday night football games. We'd walk the bleachers, chat with friends, and get invited to the all after parties. Our football team was 5A, and had all-star players. Our school was full of allstars, and we all liked to party (except the Mormons). Any time, any one's parents were out of town, that house was the party.

A high school party in Salt Lake City is like a sausage fest. TONS of guys – a handful of girls (25:1 ratio). However, every party had three main essentials: Booze, weed, and rap music.

At the time, Lil' Jon was all the rage.


50 Cent made his debut.

Outkast dropped Speakerboxx and The Love Below.

& Kelis hexed "Milkshake" into the hearts of millions. Overtime, this song hexed it's way into my heart too!

Music shaped the best of my high school experiences. My girlfriends and I would pile in Chase's car (our only 16 Year Old friend). We'd drive to "Club dub" aka Wendy's, eat junk food, and listen to songs on the radio. If Chingy's "One Call Away" came on, I'd shut the conversation down. I just LOVED that song! I loved repeating the words like I was from a part of the country where it was perfectly fine to pronounce things like: "It was wurrrd how we met, huhh?! She was wit her ma in Bank Americuhh wit ma son cashin' a check!"

Listening to the rap music of my time, taught me that it was a lot better to be a “pimp” than a “ho”. To treat the other sex like an object, and move on. The more music influenced my life, the more it changed my persona. More importantly, it changed the way I handled the senior boys.

Anytime I walked past that table, and a guy shouted obscenities at me, I shouted back: "Ho, please!" I got a lot of attention from the Senior boys and I liked it. I liked that they liked me. However, there's a big difference between the mind of an 18-Year-Old Guy and a 14-Year-Old Girl, and I wish I didn't have to learn that the hard way.

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