How to Travel in a Pandemic

Updated: Apr 25

Traveling in a pandemic is less than ideal, but it’s happening and it’s important to be conscious. After 9 months of a government shutdown, Corona cases on the rise, and a $600 check, it’s hard to hault life without a game plan. We have to survive, small businesses ought to thrive, and the show must go on. We can still live and do our part, be conscious, and stop the spread.

Here’s my Guide

How to Travel in a Pandemic:




Face Shield

Hand Sanitizer

Baby wipes for the win 🙌🏽

Treat the world like a Petri dish, imagine every surface covered in bacteria, and keep every contaminant to yourself.

Car Tours

Just like it sounds - Tour a city or land from a car! You can see and do a lot in a car. Get out, stretch, and blaze a new trail.


There’s never been a better time to get outdoors, absorb sunshine, and exercise. Outdoor adventure is essential to stay healthy!

On your own, look up “best views near me.” Get up, away, and enjoy the views high above everyone.

If you want to be extra adventurous, I have a tour guide that: Skiing, boating, mountain biking, atv riding, rock climbing, rappelling, snowboarding, helicopter tours. Anything you want in Utah, I or I have a friend, who can take you there!

Wherever you go, be safe out there! if you enjoy this article, like and share it and follow @ValDouroux on Instagram

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