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Celebrate New Year

Updated: Jan 19

I go hard for the New Year!

I let it all go on the 31st and ring in the New Year READY! As my friend Glen likes to say, "Stay ready so you don't have to get ready!"

2022 was a transformational year for me. I uncovered a lot of deep dark trauma and let a necessary part of me die. Truthfully, it had to die. I feel like I can finally stretch my wings without a demon on my back. My only work now is to heal, shine, and create my own Heaven on Earth.

That's enough about me! What's with you?! How was 2022 and how do you plan to celebrate? I believe that the way you start is the pace you carry throughout it, so start strong and make your dreams come true!

Here's My Guide to the

Best Places to Celebrate New Year

in LA & NYC:



Looking for a BIG New Year's Eve celebration that's free and fun? Grand Park is the closest thing LA has to Times Square. It's a free community event held in the heart of DTLA with a ball dropping off The Superman Building aka City Hall. There's live DJs, lots of dancing, and of course, food trucks! Of all options for families and friends this one is the one that brings together the city with a touch of indie art, culture, and LA! The weather is a little gray, but Grand Park is the perfect way to celebrate NYE!

Here's an idea of what you'll see and food to eat.

Looking to party all night?!

May I recommend West Hollywood? You can't go wrong on Sunset Boulevard & Santa Monica Boulevard. Just a few places hosting in Hollywood:



Melrose Place

Bootsy Bellows

The Doheny Room

& The Peppermint Club

If you're looking for a low-key night that still invites the fun/fresh energy of going out on New Year, try a comedy club! Last year, my husband and I went to The Laugh Factory on January 1st and had a great time. I advise eating food before (because their options are whacky). Nonetheless! Laughing is a great way to start the New Year.




NOTE: January 2, 2023

This year, the Rose Parade & Rose Bowl Game will be January 2, 2023. The parade will broadcast live local TV station KTLA5 will be streaming the parade online.

My favorite New Year tradition is seeing the Rose Parade LIVE in Pasadena. My father-in-law grew up in Pasadena and showed us the perfect spot at the end of the parade route (where you can still find parking) and get front curb seats.

It's for locals only and SO FUN! If you private message me @ValDouroux,

I'll share the address.


Nothing takes the cake for NYE celebrations like Times Square, New York City. When I lived in New York, I made it to Times Square for New Year and the crowd was CRAZY at 1PM.

It's a MUST-DO at least once in your life, but if thinking about a hoard makes you claustrophobic, try Central Park instead! You can still feel the energy of being outside/near Times Square, only you get to breathe fresh air.

Oh! & in case you're wondering the famous song they play (that hardly anyone knows the lyrics to) it's called: Auld Lang Syne.

Where will you be celebrating the New Year? What are your dreams for 2023? Have you given up because you lack discipline, or is this the year to be hopeful and enjoy the good luck of the rabbit? Every year is a new opportunity. Every day, a new discovery. Give yourself the grace of being a human and enjoy!

Happy New Year!!

Val Douroux

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