29 Things I Wish I Did at 29

Updated: Jan 9



Prioritize Belief in God & Abide by the 10 Commandment.

God is our Creator and God loves us more than our parents. The more believe in God, the more belief we have in ourselves.

God Dreams Creation

Honor and live by the Golden Rule, The 10 Commandments, and The Beatitudes.


Obey the Law of Chastity

Sexuality is a life force. You don’t want to do it with deushbag. Otherwise, you’ll end up with deushbag babies. On welfare because Don Juan “forgot” to pay child support. Sex is serious, and it’s best to keep it pure. Short term sexual satisfaction comes with haunting long term consequences.


Spiritual Wealth ∞ Financial Wealth

When I was an Atheist, I was broke with $2 in the bank. After I got baptized, my financial opportunities increased. Only after I quit being a Mary Magdalena Ho "Charity never faileth." Give it all to God and you'll always have financial opportunities.


Keep an Open Mind

Out of 8 billion people in the world, we're all experiencing lift through different truths. Listen to stories. Walk a mile in the vision of another man's experience. Your point of view is not the only point of view. We all have different perspectives, and we all should be encouraged to express them.


Family is everything.

Even though they're a-holes (sometimes...) Your family is your introduction and shared life experience in this world. Make amends. Cherish every moment you can talking to your family. No matter what happens, it's in everybody's best interest to love and forgive. Go places and experience life together.


Eat Right & Exercise

Your body is the vessel that carries you through life. Take good care of it.

Drink fruits and vegetables in the morning, oatmeal, legumes, and consume as much greens as you can! Have you taken a shot of wheatgrass or beet juice?

It gets you high.



Do planks. Work your muscles.

Breathe deep. Exhale all that stale energy!



Ride a bike.

Push your body every day.

When you feel good, you are good.


Consume Less

& Care for Your Space

Fabric grocery bags

Turn off the Tv and lights

Bring your own silverware out to eat.

We want and need clear air, water, and soil to survive.

Mr. President, just became you put the world "clean" in front of coal, doesn't make it clean. We don't want oil and fracking. We want the United States Government to invest our tax-dollars in clean solar, wind, and water energy. We want Bears Ears National Park back! X all politicians who fail to protect nature.

Every day we can do a thing:


X fast food

Eat less meat

Ditch as much plastic as you can (bags, cups, utensils).

Start a community garden & if you can, and are real adventurous,

a community farm!


Love Your WorkWhat You Do

Your time, essence, and energy are important. Love what you do every second of the day.


Save $

Make $

Save $$$.

Set Financial Goals

Track your saving and spending.

Don't bank with Wells Fargo because they fund the Keystone Pipeline.


Engage Politics

It's fun.

"We are a Republic because we allow people to rule us, and we a Democracy because we vote for those people." Make your voice heard in conversation. Express your views. I believe that all drugs should be legal and regulated by all entities (public, private, ). It's an $80 billion market that's empowering drug cartels, and the demand comes from Americans using the drugs regardless if they're legal or not.

"Studying government allows us to participate in an informed way. Doing so intelligently requires effort, and that’s why we need to learn about how our government works. Otherwise, we end up being led rather than being leaders. Knowledge is our best defense against unscrupulous people who will use our ignorance to get us to do the things they want rather than what we think should be done." -PBS


Be a leader.

Be a leader. Look to God for guidance. You don't have to have a lot of followers to influence those who matter the most. You have an influence on at least one life. Be a positive example. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Stand for truth. Make choices that edify honor and virtue.


Time is the most precious resource.

Align your goals with your actions and time. Make time every day to pray, stretch, breathe deep, and do what you love. Work: You better be doing what you love because 8 hours is a lot. 24 hours. 8 hours sleep. 8 hours work. What are you doing with that last ?


Every Choice is Important.

"The choice you make, makes you."

Every day we're faced with choices. Every choice takes us down a different path. "The choice is yours and mine. Will we choose to do whatever it takes to fulfill the wonderful missions for which we were sent to earth?" - Wendy Nelson


"Rebuke Thee"

is the best come back.

It's all you have to say in any unpleasant circumstance. If wicked behavior arises within you or any one you come into contact with, say: "Rebuke thee!"


Have a Goal in Mind.

In all things that you do, have a goal. Set deadlines. Persevere. Achieve it.


Rejection Builds Strength

We all face rejection and it helps us grow.

We apply for jobs. We go on dates. We share our creativity and it's poorly received. Not everyone is going to love what we do. There's 8 billion people in the world. You can't please everyone. Rejection makes you humble and strong.


Keep a Journal

to interpret life, record memories and inspire creativity.


Do One New Thing Every Day.

Try Tai Chi or new food! Watch a YouTube tutorial on Publishing a Book. Walk a new path, glance in a different direction. Be bold and step outside of your comfort zone. There's so much to see and do in the world! Do everything you possibly can!


Change is Inevitable,

Change is Incredible!!!

Please don't be one of these old men with baby boomer pregnant bellies. That belly is years of stale energy resisting change. We're all changing every day! Every single day of our lives, every encounter. We're experiencing, learning, growing, aging, and changing.


School is Amazing

Utilize every opportunity to enhance your education.


A good personality will get you far.

Be kind and warm. Be the first to say hi.

When you walk into a room of new people, or a new person walks into a room, make the introduction.


Stop Complaining

"Nothing dulls a personality more than a negative outlook."

- Gordon B. Hinckley



Travel as much as you possibly can! Be open to the ways people live around the world.


Be Direct

What do you want? Why are you talking? Be clear in your communication. In public speaking situations: Clear your throat, shake up the nerves, and directly express yourself.


Embarrassment is Not Real

Whatever you did, it already happened. Why waste any ounce of energy regretting it? Nothing is embarrassing. No matter what. It's a matter of perception. We make mistakes to learn and grow. Rather than shaming and embarrassing, be encouraging. Forgiveness is important. Believe in God and follow Jesus Christ and you'll never find yourself in an embarrassing situation.


Charity Never Faileth.

"Every act of kindness is charity." - Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Unto You)

Never suppress a generous thought


You Get What You Give

I love this song!


Life is a dream

We all choose to create. Live it to the fullest! Treat life like a fun film & adventure.


We're all brothers and sisters.

God is our Creator and loving mother and father in heaven. We're all in this life together. Help each other.


You are amazing.

Life is amazing. It's a gift from God. We all have a divine purpose. "Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." Have fun, go outside, blaze a trail, travel as much as possible, and see and do something new every day! Be kind. Say, "hi"! Set goals. Make a To-Do list. Choose to spend time achieving your dreams. With faith and a dream, you can do it! Use your time and power wisely. Cherish every moment.

Discover God's will and you'll succeed.

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