Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I wanted to get married at the Superman Building - L.A. City Hall. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a wedding, and I really wanted it to be special. I love the architecture of the City Hall, I loved the history, and I loved that it was located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. When my mom heard about my city hall ideas, she said, "Oh, hell no!" My Aunt Marie insisted we have the wedding in her backyard, invite our entire Italian family, and execute a wedding in 6 days.

Mitchell's mom and brother encouraged us to get married in the temple. Only members of the Church can attend a temple wedding, and I actually wanted my family to be there. My Grandma Lopiccolo was 93 Years Old, and I really wanted her to be apart of my special day.

At the time, if I chose to have a civil wedding, I'd have to wait a year to have a temple wedding. At first, I thought that was BS. Then, I thought, I could have the best of both worlds. I could have a civil wedding, then a temple wedding one year later.

Mitchell's family encouraged us to do the temple marriage. Mitchell's mom cautioned that Satan could influence a lot in a year. His parents got a divorce, and maybe they were afraid we'd do the same. It honestly meant more for me to have my family there.

Aunt Marie, DIY Queen, insisted on doing every thing. She organized a sweat shop in our family and put us to work for 6 days straight. Uncle Rick built an altar. My mom did the floral arrangements. Aunt Marie made the cake. I spray painted gnomes. She was giving me busy work while she planned my wedding.

It was my day, but it was also my family's day too. No one ever thought I'd get married, and they wanted to be apart of the moment. I was grateful for my family's efforts (even if I didn't want them) to make the day special for us. I couldn't have been in better hands.

I got the dress from my mom's closet. My mom found these beautiful blue dresses on sale at Dillard's that week. I wanted hydrangeas for the bouquet, but Aunt Marie got cheap ass carnations. Then, I wanted a marble/geode wedding cake, but Aunt Marie made my cake exactly like her wedding cake. On a positive note, she did hire a taco truck for food (and it was so bomb)! Right before the wedding, I met Mitchell's dad for the first time and he gave me a blessing. Then, I decided I wanted a veil and Dani quickly fashioned one for me. It was so fun and spontaneous, and in hindsight perfect.

Best of all, my family all dropped their lives and drove in hours of traffic just to be at my spontaneous wedding. JoJo & Josephine! Aunt Fran and Uncle Tom! Josie and her husband! Blake, Tyler, Kyle and their families were there! Nick and his posse of kids came through! Dani and Denna flew from Salt Lake at the last minute and Mitchell's skate friends Ricky Chavez and Judson McCann came!! We had a lot of great company! It was such a fun time. It was so neat to see the whole thing come together, and truly one of the happiest days of my life.

Our wedding was spontaneous and incredible.

I'm grateful for my family's support to send me off, and make me another man's problem.

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