Middle School

Updated: Mar 27

Every year of middle school, I became more corrupt.

In 7th grade, I was a small fish in a big pond. Six kids from my elementary school went to Crescent View Middle and that was a hard adjustment. The majority came from Altara and Oakcrest and everyone knew everyone, and I knew no one.

Correction: 6 people.

I'll never forget the first day of school…

I was twisting the combination of my locker when 2 boys looked me up and down and said, "you're cute." In the background, a couple named Jessie and Greg were having a “kissing competition”. The goal: To see who could kiss the most people. They ran up and down the halls, asking person after person for a kiss. I ignored it. The guys embraced it. Jessie won. Surprise! Jessie and Greg broke up.

In middle school, I began to question, "Why?!" We learned Algebra, The Big Bang Theory, and Typing, but who cared?! My love of school faded with recess. It was not ok to go outside for only 1 hour a day, and I rejected the notion of having a fat teacher tell us to run laps when she's out of shape and not running.

On top of that, it felt wrong to coop young folk inside all day, under fluorescent light bulbs, serving bread-y cafeteria food. How's a student supposed to concentrate? From the particle to the smell of bleach and mildew, everything about this experience was distracting.

Passing notes & giggles

You had to have a good sense of humor to survive all that middle school has to offer. The girls are bubbly and the boys are sexually charged. Shouting sexual innuendos, just to see who'd respond. I was a shy TomBoy with no sense of attractiveness until this little pee-on said:

"I'd hit that."


You'd hit that?

I had no idea what "hit that" meant. Soon, I realized that, "hit that" is desirable.

It was an exciting time.

I was flattered if a guy bat his eyelashes my way, but not any guy... I had a crush on John Grosely, Kevin Tanner, and Weston Maurer.

I loved my school and all the boys in it! They were the cutest boys!

Fun and hilarious.

100% personality.

I recently encountered a note from (anonymous) that said, “You were the subject of many poems, and I probably creeped you out.” The healthy response is:

Yes, you did.

: D

The girls at my school... Amazing! By far, amazing!

I lived in a cute neighborhood that raised the cutest people. It was called Cranberry Hill! Cranberry Hill was a nice, middle class neighborhood where every street ended in the word "berry." I lived on Honey Berry Court. In the neighborhood, we had Kami, Sidnee, Lindsay, Autumn, Gentry, Chase, Jordan, and Weslie. On the other side of the street lived the boys: Mike, Josh Kim, and troublemaker Skyler Baird!

8th Grade

's awkward.

You're not the oldest. You're not the youngest. You're a middle child with jacked-up teeth and acne. Every one has braces, or pimples, or a changing voice, or developing boobs. The girls are wet. The boys' are cracking. Hormones ragin’. People dating other people.

I was innocent, until Victoria's Secret, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. I remember hearing these boys talk about women and think, “is this how women are supposed to be?” I thought I had to be sexy, and dress revealing. Boy, did that bring unwanted attention.

I had my first “boyfriend” in 8th grade. His name was John Grosely (woop woo – dreams come true!) and he was the cutest in the grade. He was tall, Greek, athletic, and had bright red/brown eyes. The funny thing is.. As boyfriend/girlfriend… We never spoke to each other! Ever! I wrote him a note once asking: “What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite food?” Green and chicken alfredo. That was the extent of our middle school relationship.

The glimmer of hope in 8th grade was increasing friends! I became friends with B. Valdez, Brinney Benton, Allison, Emily, Jessie Weeks, Ali Evans, and TJ McCoy! I loved my peers. I loved every one at my school! The more people I interacted with, the better I’d feel. I'd literally get high off the "hi" of others.

9th Grade

In 9th grade, I had so much fun! I'd thank God for tan, clear skin and friends. I prayed to have a good day every day. I recognized it was the only time I'd ever be around so many people my same age, and I savored every moment of it.

I knew one person, maybe 2 people who admitted to having sex and it just made me feel awful to hear that. I thought I should be sexy, but never thought about having sex. I was still relatively innocent. At my 9th grade birthday party, we "cupcaked" Josh Kim's house! To cupcake is to smear cupcakes on a front door, garage, or porch.

John and I started dating again. This time, we actually spoke to each other. We actually went on dates! It was so fun! All of our guy and girl friends would hang out and we'd go to Jordan Commons every weekend to see movies. John was shy, but playful. This is what he did for my 14th Birthday.

By the end of 9th grade, I loved middle school! Our class was special, and we all became great friends. We studied, celebrated birthdays, and graduated. Just as our lives bonded, they'd change again... High school. People would move. People would change schools. People would change.

I'd miss every one!

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