I can't believe I'm a mom!

I have a cute little sidekick.

I'm actually enjoying it.

His cute curiosity far outweighs the burden. He's easy to transport and I take him practically everywhere with me. This picture (above) is us at The Grand Canyon.

In having a baby, I'll say:

The first couple weeks were a brutal adjustment to no sleep. When my son finally slept through the night (5 months) I gained a little sanity back. I always felt like I was learning a new paternal technique, child development phase, gadget or gizmo.


I went from 24 hrs to 20 minutes to myself.

I'd look at myself in the mirror and say, "If all I do is wash my face, then today is a good today."


It‘s cute when they’re babies. Then it gets annoying. Just tell me what you want. The sooner kids can find sign language or words to express their needs, the better.


I used to think screens were the devil. A symbol of lazy parenting. Now, I realize: If you don't have a child, you have no place to judge. I get the screen life now. I know what's up. It can be educational. It's a cheap babysitter.

Day care is expensive. It's great to have free time as a parent, but man, in California, daycare is expensive. We scouted a dozen daycares that looked grossed. The one we love the most costs $1,500 Full-Time and $665 for 3 half days a week.

In conclusion, TVs & Screens aren't the Devil.

They can be beneficial.

In moderation.

My husband and I enjoy being parents. For the most part,

Here's our Unsolicited Tips for Parenting:

Spends lots of time with your kids. The more time you spend with them, the more they'll absorb the best of you. Get to know your kids. Read with them. Sing to them. Play with them. Take them outside. Pray with them. Oh, and feed them!

Do that all, and you'll be just fine.

Val Douroux

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