Music That Raised Me

Updated: May 21, 2020

When you grow up in a contentious home, it's easy to turn to the world.

Every gross thing I experienced as a child disappeared in the light of music.

As much as I didn't like my dad, I liked his taste in music. My white family played sh*t like, "Wake Up, Little Susie", but the black side of my family played music that made every one want to get down and dance.

Every morning, my dad would blast music on a massive stereo he acquired from his "days of selling stereos". When he'd play the Gap Band's "Early in the Morning", we were expected to wake up and clean the house. This song became an anthem for child slave labor, and a family favorite.

We had 1 cassette in our car that played until it frayed. It was Slave, "Watching You".

When CDs came out, we had 1 CD in our car: The Intruders. Their music has so much heart and soul. I love the songs Cowboys to Girls, Together, & Love is Like a Baseball Game.

Though, the song that has stuck with me the most, and become my motto in life is Whatcha See is What You Get by: The Dramatics

It has the classiest I.D.G.A.F. spirit. What you see is what you get.

All the awful things I experienced as a child disappeared in the light of music.

Music instantly uplifted my spirits, taught me a different way of life, and encouraged fun expression. It even inspired dreams of stardom. Game plan: I'd collect my life experiences, turn them into stories, and capitalize so hard I'd never have to live with my family again!

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