Updated: May 14, 2020

I love being married. Already, there's peace in my heart. The sun shines brighter.

Mitchell and I got married a year and a half after meeting and I'll admit.. There's things we didn't know about each other. Like: I learned he's narcoleptic. He learned that I'm addicted to cannabis. I thought he was tired, and he thought I was really passionate about cannabis. I tried to quit, but I'm a much nicer person on it, and he agrees. We're committed, and we're in this together.

Now that I’m married...

My life is different. Different in a good way.

We're fulfilling important roles in each other lives.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Marriage:




Working Together

The search is over - Settle and work for higher things.



I take out the garbage more, but who’s counting?

When he's in a bad mood... There's a bad mood in the house.

He eats bread and cheese all the time, and I’ve gotten chubby since adopting his diet.

But for the most part,

I love being married.

The world had me thinking that marriage was a burden. Or at least my parents' marriage did. I'm determined to have a happy marriage. So far, I'm having fun. My favorite part is living in our own house.

This is my house!

...and my husbands.

It's really nice to have a husband who believes in providing. I love to work, but he makes more money and I'm glad he shares it. Right now, he hates his job and I'm convincing him to quit it so we can dedicate 100% to our production company Concise Focus. He likes the steady paycheck. I like us making more money creating our own projects.

We got $1,400 from Aunt Marie's backyard wedding and it was all we needed to give our young, broke marriage the encouragement to invest in ourselves. It's amazing the things two people can accomplish.

Marriage is a blessing.

It’s a devotion and commitment. Yin and Yang. Masculine/Feminine. My whole life I'd been searching. Searching for love. Searching for money. Searching for a place to place my heart. To rest my head. A place that felt comfortable enough to call home. Finally! I found it! Now, I’m no longer searching. I have everything I need. Marriage has given a sense of love, peace, and security.

I’m married.

I live a life completely opposite what I imagined, and I’m happy.

For once in my life, I am happy.

I believe there is virtue in a marriage. I believe that marriage is a righteous desire for all men, women, and families. I just hope my marriage lasts longer than this quarantine.

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