©Val Douroux 2022


There’s nothing like young love.

It’s the #1 spark of hope.

It's the most exciting thing in the world.

I am alive. I have a husband, and I'm no longer searching.

This ring is a hater blocker. I'm not at all bragging. I do not think I'm hot. Before: Guys used to hit on me all aggressive. Now that I have this ring, it's a hater blocker! It sends off a force. They now know!

Being married is a relief.

The world would have you think it's a burden (or at least my parents did), but so far I'm having fun. Spending time in your own house and not your parents house is amazing.

This is my home!

...and my husbands.

We both work. He definitely works more and makes more money. He hates his job and I'm convincing him to quit it and go full force in our production company Concise Focus. He likes the steady paycheck and I get that life.

All the money from having a wedding in Aunt Marie's backyard vs. a spontaneous was amazing. Just what we needed to get a great start in our young, broke marriage.

Now, I believe the exact opposite. Marriage is not a burden, it’s a blessing. It’s a devotion and commitment between a man and a woman as it should be. My whole life I'd been searching. Searching for love. Searching for money. Searching for a place that felt comfortable to call home. Now, I’m no longer searching. Marriage provides a sense of love I never thought was possible.

I can’t do this on my own, and I need help. I’m willing to admit that not all men are the devil.

I’m married.

I’m living a life completely opposite of everything I imagined and I’m actually happy. For once in my life, I am happy.

I believe there is virtue in a religious approach to marriage. “Partner” is a vague term for the uncommitted. Marriage is a union. I believe there is honor in the divinity of marriage and blessings that surround a covenant relationship. Now that we’re married, we're loyal, and we stand as representatives of God.