©Val Douroux 2022

Party People

My life at the University of Utah was

one big party.

I listened to this song every day.

I just loved people and created any excuse to come together. I loved listening to everyone's stories, experiences, and beliefs. I was in college and every one was learning something. I loved exchanging ideas with bright people, and the best way to do it was (and still is) a party.

I lived in a house in downtown Salt Lake City with my best friend Dani Diaz. Dani belonged to the Samba Gringa dance and Anthropology community. I belonged to the Film and Students for Sensible Drug Policy community. Together, we had a lot of incredible people in our home.

I'm just going to say: We were the best hosts. I'd load a bowl and offer you a grilled cheese sandwich with muenster, harvarti, and canna butter. And orange juice! We liked to host and loved to party together. Daily, amazing people came to visit. Weekly, minimal gatherings. Often, parties.

We lived in the cutest house of 9th and 5th and had the best parties of University of Utah history in Salt Lake City. We once had a party with a 7 piece band in our living room, 200 too many guests, and a mob broke the fence. I was once the Guinea Pig for a DMT experiment gone right, and the beneficiary of a melting point apparatus used to test all the mdma. I loved meeting new people and learning about life's journey.

In this house, I focused less on school and more on cultivating relationships. I can't say that I keep in touch with every body, but I think of you and the memories in this house fondly.

Contrary to all the parties, the house was sparkling clean and our landlord Bill never returned the deposit.