Party People

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

My life at the University of Utah age 18 -22 was one big party. This song was a mantra of my life:

I listened to P-Funk everyday.

Every morning I'd wake up, smoke a bowl, ride my bike (or the train) to school, go to class, blaze, homework, see some friends, leave with them to blaze, come back, watch a film, take a test, ride a bike or longboard home, smoke, dance, do homework, and sleep.

I loved to go to parties, and I loved hosting people. I loved the idea of sharing an herb, hearing people's stories, and learning what brought them to Utah. I was impressed by a peculiar migration of kids from the great lake states. Many, if not all, came just to ski Utah mountains. I loved meeting new people and learning about life's journey.

I loved attending parties, but even more, I loved hosting them. I'd take great pride in hosting and be an exemplar of essential elements: 1. A nice location. 2. Music. 3. Good people. 4. Substance.

I lived in a house off 4th South and 9th East in downtown Salt Lake City with my best friend Dani Diaz and 2 gay boys. Dani was the highlight of my life. The gay boys were drama. Every one thought Dani and I were sisters, and we played around with that a lot. She was so fun, and I had the best time living with her.

We lived in the cutest house of 9th and 5th and had the best parties during my time at the University of Utah and in Salt Lake City. She belonged to the Samba Gringa/Anthropology community. I belonged to the Students for Sensible Drug Policy/film community. Together, we had crazy parties and a lot of fascinating people in our home.

Once, we had a party with a 7 piece band and 200 too many guests. A mob broke the fence trying to get in, the police came, I was high on Klonopin and talked them into leaving.

I was a good host and the positive energy was reciprocated. I'd host guests from all over the country, and friends across the valley. I'd load a bowl and offer a grilled cheese sandwich with muenster, harvarti, and gouda cheese. I'd provide a place to party downtown off the train station, and a place to sleep if needed. I was once the Guinea Pig of a DMT project, 2 projects, and the beneficiary of a melting point apparatus used to test mdma. I loved the community cultivated in my house.

In school, I was a B average student, and I was fine with it. I could have applied myself more, but I appreciated this small, youthful pocket of life and wanted to experience it to the fullest. I was very happy with how life was going and how everything was balancing.

Until I met her...

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