Pot Farm

Updated: May 13, 2020

With my parents withdrawal support. I discovered a new way to make money.

On a pot farm. I met a pot farming couple at my friend's wedding and they tired me to help. I would have done anything to leave Utah, and in them I saw opportunity.

I wanted to leave Salt Lake.

I was on mushrooms when I confessed to Emma that I'd been taking her pills. The guilt weighed heavy on my conscience. I didn't want to life the lie of stealing from a human I considered a friend?

Even family?!

Emma came over to my house while I was tripping. I told her I'd been taking her pills. She said, "I know. I've known it all along, and I didn't say anything." ...

I died.

I also felt liberated. The truth does set you free, and in telling the truth, I felt free.

I felt a tremendous weight lift off my chest.