Updated: May 1, 2020

It took 2-3 months to realize that my baptism was a good idea. Prior to that, I was wondering, “What the hell did i just do?”

Immediately after, I didn’t realize or feel much of anything... Besides hateraide from my parents, doubt from my friends, and “joy” from the Mormons. Joy!

i had a vision of how I wanted my baptism to go, and it went the exact opposite. I wanted to be baptized outside. The missionaries wanted inside. I wanted only the people I knew there.

light, bright, change, love

They invited the ward.

I met them more than 1/2 way... Breathten, you couldn’t meet me on 2 requests? Their approach killed my enthusiasm and turned something sacred into a routine motion.

i get tradition, but this tradition isn’t cool. At all. It makes sense to economize 8 Year

I was mad annoyed that the missionaries didn’t want to pull permits to have me baptized in a river like Jesus. I got baptized in a church with a grumpy dude I didn’t even know yelling, “He did it wrong.” I don‘t care if this is your calling.

I felt like I had an open mind to them, but they didn’t have an open mind to me. They had their preferences. I was willing to be open, but I didn’t feel

Convert the heathens!

A mission on the path of self- righteous egoic realizations


Overtime, I came to enjoy the sweet, soft, spirit of the lord

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