Stand Up

Today is my 1 year anniversary of doing Stand-Up!

I still have a lot to learn and I'm in it for life. It has given me purpose and a voice beyond negotiating with a toddler and a husband that want to have sex all the time. I have a social life again, and I enjoy sharing my stories and jokes with an audience. When they laugh, they're listening.

Comedy is the most real, raw, low-budget, and self-reliant form of expression. It's just you, your thoughts, a microphone, stage and audience.

It's all you.

A Comedian is a Writer, Performer, Director, Editor, and Producer. You start with a funny thought. That funny thought gets memorized/recited and . With a laughable reaction, it becomes a joke. To polish the joke, you have to perform and test it to diverse audiences. To be a greater Comedian, you have to direct/motivate yourself to work on the craft (write, Open Mics, auditions). Then, get placed in shows (either produce your own or someone else's production). Then advertise show. Then perform exception in show. Then capture film and photo assets of your performance, share them on social media, and promote yourself.

Comedy is a lot.

It's a lot.

Every single comedian and audience member has a different point of view, a different sense of humor, and common folk, have no idea what it takes to Stand-Up. I can't stand people who critique comedy, and have never performed.

We all have bangers and bombs. Bangers, the shows we "kill it" are so high and satisfying. Yet, it's the bombs that really help us grow and improve. Bombing is to be expected. What matters is that you take criticism, engage, and improve.

It's a lot.

It takes A LOT to make quality art that resonates with the masses. Then, when something sticks, you have to constantly produce instant, engaging, shareable content once a day.

God has always planted the dream of entertainment in my heart, but it's a challenging dream. It's almost easier to not pursue it and live a life in peace.

I was listening to a talk by Wendy Nielsen, Wife of Prophet Russel M. Nelson and She said something that impacted my soul. revelation struck! She said, "God has planted dreams in you, but it's up to you to achieve those dreams. How you spend your time and choices determines your outcome. God planted a dream in your heart."

Just then, I knew exactly the dream God planted in my heart: To be a storyteller, and not just any storyteller, a fantastic storyteller. To touch the soul. To edify the spirit. To speak of God's truth. To be entertaining about it. I have messages to share and I want to share them in the most entertaining way.

Growing up, my parents took me to Wise Guys on the West Side of Salt Lake to see Poundcake and other comedians. My favorite movies to watch are comedies and I love comedic expression.

Stand-Up Comedy presented itself as the realest, most low-budget, self-reliant way to get noticed. I have always appreciated comedy, and I love to make people laugh. If I can hone this skill, I can improve all aspects of my interactions and communication.

I can use comedy to engage every day people.

Make conversations more interesting.

Enhance and punch-up my stories.

At best, make my family laugh.

My husband makes me laugh all the time, and it does a lot to avoid divorce! His humor melts my tension. He helps me see how ridiculous I can be through (exaggerated) impressions and it makes me laugh. If you can help people see the ridiculousness of their thoughts and behaviors, you can change the world.

I took a Stand-Up Comedy class with Bobbie Oliver @ Tao Comedy Studio. She has 30+ Years experience as a Stand-Up Comedian. She has a Tao/Feminist approach. "Embrace the Pause." She eased me into Stand-Up in a meditative way, and encouraged my drug jokes. The #1 Idea I got from Bobbie is that the only job of a Comedian is "to tell the world exactly as you see it." Bobbie wrote a book called The Tao of Comedy: Embrace the Pause, and I recommend it.

The 1st week of class, we talked about comedy. The 2nd week of class, I shared my 1st bit!

April , I did my first Open Mic.

I killed. Then, I bombed. I got tepid laughter. If one person laughed... If 3 people laughed... If 5-10 people laughed... If the whole entire room laughed... The laughs feel amazing, the rest is abusive.

I performed my first show May 22nd, 2019 @ Flapper's Comedy Club in Burbank.

My most amazing friends and family came! My parents, My husband, The Wrights, The Brittons, The Mylums, Emily, Anna Marie. It was a magical moment. It was life changing. It was incredible. I loved it. I love having the opportunity to share life's messages in jokes and make people laugh.

It's fun!

What's life if it's not fun?!

©Val Douroux 2022