The Gateway Theory

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The Gateway Theory is a set-up!

Of course people who try marijuana want to try other drugs.

It's just like predicting people who go to McDonald's will get fries and a soda. It's hardly a prediction. It's a fact, and if marijuana was federally legal, there wouldn't be a gateway theory.

When I tried marijuana (and didn't die or get pregnant), I felt lied to and wanted to try other drugs. Instantly, it became clear that the people most gung-ho about banning drugs had never tried them. Their message was so disconnected from the intent of a drug user. A drug user uses drugs to change their perceptions. Not to ruin their lives. The fact that it's banned creates even more desire.

It's mental. Not a criminal thing.

"The Gateway Theory" hypothesizes that marijuana use will lead to harder drugs. Lumping marijuana in the same Schedule One Controlled Substance category fails to distinguish the weed as more or less harmful than heroin, meth, cocaine, mushrooms, and peyote. Why, peyote? When I tried marijuana and realized I was lied to, I let my guard drop on other drugs.

The fact that marijuana is a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance is misleading. It's misleading the children and it mislead me. When I tried marijuana and had a great experience, I thought: "This is great. What else am I being lied to about?"

It's true.

My weed man introduced me to mushrooms. I've noticed a naturalist vs. chemicalist separate in dealers and most are naturalists.

I tried marijuana and it made me curious about other drugs. I believed that because I had a pleasant experience on marijuana, I'd have a pleasant experience on other Schedule 1 Controlled Substance drugs. The fact that they're scheduled in the same category is misleading. Heroin and meth are indeed more dangerous. They lead to amputated limbs and messed up teeth.

I'd say marijuana is good. Avoid heroin, meth, or cocaine. I'd remove it from any federal schedule. Do you think marijuana should be in the same category as heroin, meth, and cocaine?

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