How To Enjoy LA in a Pandemic

Since Corona Virus hit, cities around the world have changed including LA. Disneyland has closed. The Sunset Strip is no longer a cesspool of sin. The Comedy Store is broadcasting live stand-up from The Belly Room to a parking lot. The things that once made LA the great entertainment capital of the world have ceased, furloughed, or halted production.

While it’s important to be safe and stop the spread, the city (and the businesses in it) need well being to survive. We also need to interact, support each other, and go outside to be mentally right. It’s been almost a year since Corona Virus has changed our lifestyles and I think it’s time to find new ways to thrive. Here’s my guide on How to Enjoy LA in a Pandemic:

#1 Protect Yourself




Face Shield

I’m confident this combination works.


Visit Hidden Treasures

LA is full of hidden hikes and secret gardens. One of my favorite places to spend an afternoon is Forest Lawn Glendale. There's a real sense of community, they're just all dead. There’s hardly a living soul, and it‘s easy to maintain a safe distance. Forest Lawn is spiritually inspiring! Read to the bottom for its address and a map of more hidden treasure locations.

#3 Drive

You can see a lot through a sunroof.

LA is one one of the greatest cities in the USA to drive because it’s so iconic! There are hills, beaches, and boulevards. There’s a lot of people which equals a lot of traffic, but here's a tip: Stop complaining. Be cool. Get in the car, and earn your stripes like a real Angelino. Pack a lunch, drive, and go on a picnic!

Val's Favorite Roads to Drive:



Sunset Blvd

Mulholland Drive

The Pacific Palisades

Angeles Crest Highway

#4 Enjoy Nature

LA has a lot of beautiful landscapes. We're known for our beaches and Runyon Canyon, but you'll want to avoid these places in a Pandemic. Take the road less traveled out of town up north, and if you're craving a beach experience, go to Ventura. You’ll have a more God experience if you drive in the hills of Malibu. For a long, landscape drive of the raw California wilderness, I recommend Deer Creek Road. These areas offer a high experience with almost no people. Step outside your car, stretch, and if you're feeling real adventurous - hike!


Support Local Business

I feel so bad for everyone but Amazon. No one has been hit harder by the virus and it’s lockdown than small businesses. Mom and pop shops need us, and there's no greater way to support them than by our direct financial contributions.

It's a pandemic. Money isn't growing on trees, but it's important to treat ourselves to the little luxuries that go a long way. One of those non-negotiables for me is skincare. I invest in a little, and it goes a long way. My favorite place to go and buy affordable skincare products is Silky Skin in Montrose. Montrose is a charming Main St. USA town full of mom and pop shops, delicious restaurants, and boutiques. I love Paradis Ice Cream. It Takes a Village Kids and Once Upon A Time Bookstore. Seasoning Alley makes a great falafel, and the sushi joints are chronic.

In all that you do, stay safe and have fun. We'll get through this and back to a day where we'll see more than half a face again! If you enjoyed this article, give it like, share, and read: How to Travel in a Pandemic. For supporting, enjoy this courtesy map of Places to Visit in LA, and follow @ValDouroux on Instagram, Facebook, and


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