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I donate 10% of all the money I make.

I believe that God gives us every opportunity to make money, and "because I have been given much I too much give". Giving 10% increases the wealth of others and it all comes back. I wasn't expecting anything, but since I've done it, it has enhanced the quality of opportunities I attract.

"For by the power of my Spirit created I them; yea, all things both spiritual and temporal - first spiritual, secondly temporal, which is the beginning of my work; and again, first temporal, and secondly spiritual, which is the last of my work."

- Doctrine & Covenants 29:31-32

I have a testimony of tithing.

I used to be broke AF.

$2 in the bank. I left college and worked as a Secretary for an Attorney defending prostitutes on top of a Dr. John's Adult Story. I looked at the mansions in Salt Lake around me, lived among all the opulence, and knew I had to make a change!

There was no denying that spiritual and financial wealth go hand in hand.

Only after I got baptized, I realized that doing right made me feel worth more. Obeying the Law of Chastity gave me a greater sense of self-worth. I started giving 10% of my income and my opportunities to make money multiplied. I started decorating donuts for $8.25 an hour. Then, working as a PA on film and commercial sets for $20/hour.

At the time, we were filming weddings, dogs, and odd jobs off Craigslist. Now my husband's shooting Hot Ones with Eric Longden. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we believe in paying a tithe, which is donating 10% of our income.

Now, my husband makes $1,500/DAY and I don't have to work at all. I'm good for a $10,000 - $25,000 check a year, but most of the time, I'm taking care of our child,

Now, I spend my time doing what I love. exploring, and writing. clients, and it's all because God has blessed us. God governs the spiritual and financial realm.

In September of 2014, Mitchell and I started a production company with our 2 cameras. Film, photo, anything needed.

Now, I have money in the bank. I have an incredible husband with cool work opportunities, and when I work, I really enjoy the work that I do.

I'm honored.

I give 10% and I give it another thought.

It's a humble request, and we're grateful to do it.

I honestly believe American taxes should be like tithing: 10% across the board.

20%+ is robbery. 30-40% - Are you out of your mind? Where is all this money going? Stop taxing us and using our money to pay the interest on badly negotiated bonds. Every American should invest 10% back in their community and county across the board and that's it. Period. All incomes. All immigrants.

Everybody pays 10%.



10xs the bounty