Updated: May 11, 2020

Living in LA is a lot different than New York. People are spread out and not stacked on top of each other. There's space to breath. The apartments are bigger. The public transportation is terrible.

I can't say I "live in LA" because I live in El Monte.

El Monte is the Mexican hood 15 minutes East of DTLA. The surroundings are hood AF. The apartment complex down the street has a circus tent over it. I just hope the bugs don't travel. You know you're in the hood when you see a cockroach and you're grateful it's not a bedbug.

This is my husband's first apartment on his own and I'm proud of him. He found a brown, spacious 2 bedroom that's 4xs the size of my squalor New York City apartment. I split a one-bedroom with 4 people in SoHo. 3 most of the time. The other used it as a back-up in case things didn't work out with his boyfriend. At least in California, I could stretch. I could breathe! Gasp! I could sing and dance like no one was watching besides the crackhead neighbors and their crack baby that cried all the time.

The only trouble was, we had one car.

We had one car. We had 2, but Mitchell sold his. My dad was mad when he heard that Mitchell sold his car. (That's the last time we freely tell you things, dad!) Mitchell sold his car because it was time to go! It was a pootie Acura on it's last leg. Glad we sold it while it was worth $900. I know...

My dad sold me the family subaru (I crashed twice in high school) so I could be independent. As soon as I got married, I got the Subaru. Mitchell sold his pootie Acura and drove the Subaru. Now, I understand what my dad was thinking... When Mitchell's at work, I don't have a car. I could be out there prospecting. Instead I'm looking for weed on Craigslist.

Public Transportation in LA is horrible.

I have to walk 20 minutes to get anywhere. There's a straight shot into downtown Union Station, but otherwise I'm changing 2 buses and taking hours for 30 - 1 hour adventures. A bike is a good investment.

Cabriolet - Henace

This song describes the feeling of moving from New York - LA. I still have phantom sights and smell of the city.

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