I'm an Artist.

I Write, Direct, Stand-Up, produce Electric Comedy Night, Scout, and live life to the highest everyday. I love the arts and artistic expression. Do you have a show I can support or album I can listen to? Message me here

I created this space to create a deeper connection. To share a deeper side of life, creation, and expression. Social media is fine, but I'm tired of double tap heart/like engagements. I want real relationships and I want to connect on a deeper level. 

In this space, You'll see: 

Films I've made. 

Jokes I've told on stage. 

Articles I've written for Travel

Locations I operate & a form for scout inquiries. 

I wrote a book called "B*tch Need Jesus" that you can buy here. 

My sister and I have a podcast called The Juice Box - listen to it HERE



#1 Best Selling Author of "B*tch Need Jesus!" 

Stand-Up Comic with appearances @ The World Famous Comedy Store, Improv, Ice House, Electric Comedy Night, WhoHaHa and more!  

Location Managers Guild International™

Ambassador of West Hollywood

Writer for Spotted by Locals

CPO of Concise Focus