On a spontaneous trip to Europe, my husband and I planned it day by day. We had just gone to London and were in Rome strategizing our next country. I said, "Let's go to Barcelona!" My husband said, "I'm German. Let's go to Germany."

We booked a flight and froze in Berlin. Between the hop on/hop off bus tour, brisk walks and city strolls, we were able to keep warm, and see as much of Berlin as we could in 48 hours.

Here's my list of Things To Do in Berlin:

When we arrived at 10am, the flight attendant said, "Put on everything you've got! It's raining, snowing, windy. Welcome to Berlin!" In Europe, once the plane taxis down, you're in direct contact with the elements. Unlike America, where an arm will connect you from the plane, to a ramp, to the airport... European planes land at the airport and call a bus to pick you up.

We bundled up, were blasted by hail, and this summarizes our trip to Berlin.

We took a $50 Uber from the airport to Downtown. The sky was dark and reminded me of the Utah sun setting at 4pm in the November.

We checked into our apartment. The sign said: CTA Hostel Company. I took one look at my husband and said... "Honey. We have a baby. We can't be doin' this hostel life." "No..." He said. It's a hostel company that manages apartments throughout the city. I'm not going to lie... It was a little creepy.

I noticed this plaque in front of our apartment and wondered if it was some Nazi sh*t? I looked up: "Hier Wohnte". It means: "Lived here"... Who was Dr. Max Rauschmann?

Our first night in Berlin, we took a walk through downtown near the Hackescher Market. Just seeing the Fernsehturm up close (Berlin's tallest building at 1,207 ft) made braving the cold worth it.

Berlin is cool.

It has a lot of underground shops and theaters. You'll find a unique mix of global retailers (like Uniqlo and Sephora), high fashion Berlin brands, and a kitsch/cool art scene.

I followed a sign that read: "Cake Eater" because I thought there'd be cake. Turns out it was a red carpet movie premiere. We followed the coolest graffiti alley all the way back to an indie film theatre hosting a premiere for the movie Monster Cake Eater.

It's Micah's 2nd Birthday! He's 2 today!

He runs really fast & we pray he won't get hit by a car!

German Judy

My husband Mitchell is German! He's connecting with his German roots by wearing this hat. To celebrate our son's birthday and German heritage, we went to a souvenir shop and bought him a little VW beetle car toy.

After 2 hours on the town, we were ready to call it a night.

Downtown Berlin

The next morning, we bought tickets for the Hop On/Hop Off Sightseeing Tour for 64 euros. With it being so cold, this was the best, most affordable way to see the city from the warmth of a vehicle.

We did and saw a lot!

We saw The East Side Gallery. A mural/graffiti art walk along what's left of the Berlin Wall along the Spree River.


We saw the Brandenburg Gate.

We saw a wide breadth of Picasso work at the Berggruen Museum.

Picasso was a pimp.

My husband has frosted hair.

We ate a lot of burgers. Delicious burgers.

I was most surprised to see a lot of Berlin under construction.

This building looks like it'd just been bombed. The presence of communism, Hilter and the Cold War felt. A history highlighting the ugly attributes of humanity. You can go on a Hilter Tour, but we didn't. We could only take so much.


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