Best Ski Resorts in Utah

We can all be proud of man for one thing and that's skiing/snowboarding.

It's one of humanity's greatest achievements. There's nothing greater than rising above everyday life and flying/gliding down a mountain of whipped cream. The snow is so light, fluffy, pure it's no wonder Utah has its license plate claim to fame: "Greatest Snow of Earth"

Utah has 10 world class ski resorts 1 hour drive from SLC International Airport. I've been riding these mountains since age 9 and here's my Guide to the Best Ski Resorts in Utah:

Best Ski Utah

#5 Brianhead

329 UT-143, Brian Head, UT 84719


Brianhead is cool. You can pull your car right up to the lift and ride down a mountain. It has 2 major mountains with 8 chairs and 2 terrain parks. With red rocks, white snow, and galactic green moss, it's a unique landscape. It has views like no other, and wind like no other.

It's like its own village with cabins, condos, and Starbucks. There's a lodge with fire pits. There's a saloon with pizza/burger/beer options. There's tubing, snowmobiling, and fun for a family!

#4 Brighton/Solitude

8302 S Brighton Loop Rd, Brighton, UT 84121


All the hot boys go to Brighton. There's a lot of big dick energy here. There's 2 big kickers off the main lift, and everyone gets a jaw dropping view of the show. Lots of hot boys throwing big & crazy tricks. Boys'll sacrifice a shoulder like it's NBD. I love riding here. It's the most exciting thing to watch the boys go big @ Brighton.

It's the oldest and most affordable resort in Salt Lake City. With 500" of snowfall annually and a strong terrain park,

Of all resorts, Brighton hosts some of the greatest of the "Greatest Snow on Earth". 66 Trails, 7 lifts, 4 high speed quads, and night skiing. I've been night skiing here before and it's pretty cool. They groom the tracks and kick on bright lights. It's more icy and cold, but it's a fun & rare experience.


Snow Basin

Ogden surprises me! Especially, Snow Basin. It's a world class resort with a Stein Erickson Lodge that's super boujie. I could just kick it at the lodge all day. It's nice! I could get used to this lifestyle: Skiing, fine dining, fire pits on a snow capped mountain. Geeze, Odgen!


Park City Mountain Resort


PCMR is THE Resort. Park City is Utah's ski town. It's the coolest city representing skiing in Utah. You can catch a lift from Main St. and ski for DAYZ. It’s the cream of the crop. The best of the best. Big resort. Big runs. Big rails. Big jumps. Big dick energy here too. All the jillionaires and cool kids have a ski pass to PCMR. Except me because I pledge allegiance to

#1 Alta/Snowbird


I've been riding The Bird since I was 9 and it's still exciting. There's 5 different faces of mountains to ride and the backside is like a sparkling whipped cream heaven. My first run was Gadzoom. Then, I advanced to Little Cloud. On the highest day of my life, the fresh powder of Mineral Basin. Sweet sunny laps on Sugarloaf. You don't even need a tram pass. You can take Gadzoom - Little Cloud and lift on top of the world.

It's like Switerzland in Utah. It's its own village. My friends and I used to work at the Iron Blosam Lodge, and ride deep on this mountain. We'd hot box a hotel room, finish by noon, and ski on our lunch breaks. Snowbird has the best sandwiches at General Griff's and fine dining all around. Their Cliff Spa is bomb, and their swimming pool has an incredible view looking down Little Cottonwood Canyon. I love Snowbird. It's #1 and the best Ski Resort in Utah.

If you're looking for a one-stop shop for all skiing/snowboarding Utah information visit Here you'll find snow reports, lodging, and all the different passes available.

Have you been to Utah? Are you planning a trip?! What's your favorite resort and where do you recommend riding? Follow @ValDouroux on Instagram and YouTube for more adventures. Here's a map of fun Winter Things To Do

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