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Grand Canyon


I get a little taste of it every time I drive from LA - Utah, but I've never been IN Arizona until visiting the Grand Canyon.

It's so pretty! I love it here.

I saw a lot of buffalo.

Like A LOT.

Inside Grand Canyon National Park,

I discovered a gift shop, lodging cabins, hiking trails and this beautiful view:

From the parking lot to this took 5 minutes to hike and look into the vast canyon. I'm standing behind a retaining wall (because I'm scared). Beyond and beneath this is a drop to depths only God knows. Most of the area is guarded/fenced off, but there are parts you can stand and feel like a speck in the Universe.

This was an easy trip to take a baby, husband, Grandma & Grandpa. We drove 2 hours, and saw a part of Earth, time, and creation that we'll cherish forever. If you find yourself in the wild west of America, you MUST take a road trip to the Grand Canyon!

Safe Travels!

Val Douroux


Read this interesting article about a missing ridge of rocks from the Grand Canyon reappearing in Tasmania, Australia. Watch this episode of The Why Files: "Smithsonian Cover-Up: Ancient Egyptians and Giants in the Grand Canyon"


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