Best Road Trips: America

The greatest freedom in America is driving. City - city. State - state. On the interstate, you get to hit the open road and go as far as you can go.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

My car is always ready for a road trip and Armageddon.

Just this week, I drove from LA - Vegas - Zion - Grand Canyon - Phoenix - Scottsdale - Palm Springs - & back to LA like it was my last week alive. I fell asleep in Utah and woke up in Los Angeles. On Monday, I location scouted in Warner Valley, Utah. Tuesday, I drove through Gold Country, past the Hoover Dam to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. Wednesday, I drove to Phoenix to do Stand-Up and fell asleep in Scottsdale. In the morning, I explored Old Town, walked the river walk and toured Taliesin West. I've been asked to scout roads with a real specific cactus and I found them in Scottsdale! Did you know that Phoenix is a 2 1/2 hr straight shot from Palm Springs? The discoveries on the open road are endless!

Every road leads to a different destination. Every gas station, an eclectic mix of humans. On the open road, we're all free to go any where and do anything.

Val Douroux's

Best Road Trips in America:

Since I live in LA and it's one of America's Most Visited cities,

I'll start here and expand!


#1 PCH

#2 LA - Malibu

#3 LA - Big Sur - San Francisco

#4 LA - B.C. Canada

#5 LA - San Diego - Tijuana - Esenada

PCH - Pacific Coast Highway - Big Sur


Running North/South along the Pacific Coast line, the PCH aka Pacific Coast Highway is arguably the most gorgeous road in the world. From Long Beach - Mexico - Malibu - British Columbia in Canada the PCH is the road to beautiful pacific ocean beaches.

Big Sur

With breathtaking ocean views and the redwood forest, this 7hr one-way trip is heaven on Earth. Here, is home to the Bixby Bridge and Pfeiffer waterfall (pictured above) this enchanted swath of land is where raw American forest meets ocean. It was here in Big Sur that I saw seafoam whip off the ocean and turn right into a cloud.

This part of the world is so magical and enchanting.

I was driving along a cold and moody coast when I saw a sign that caught my eye for "Holy Granola". I followed the sign 2 miles up a canyon and found a monastery called Hermitage. It's so quiet. So peaceful and the views are incredible. There are benches for sitting and me