Mysteries of the Salton Sea

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The Salton Sea is the largest lake in California, but nothing about it’s surroundings reinforce that statement. It’s desolate Strangely enough, it's located in the desert and it's future's looking grim.

Once “the hangout of Frank Sinatra’s Hey Days” it’s a desolate town of abandon trailers with 1 bar, 1 gas station, and a del taco.

I've been wanting to visit the Salton Sea for a long time. Back in the Sinatra hay days days, my Grandma and Grandpa bought property here. They described it as a desert Oasis where people would bring boats, bbq, and swim in the lake. Now that they are angels in heaven, our family is talking about this property like no one wants it - and I do.

I’ll take property. 1000%

as long as it’s a clean title with no weird insects.

On a trip to Palm Springs, I decided to carve out a 1/2 day and take the 100 mile round trip drive to the Salton Sea. Here's what I saw:

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