2 Days in London

Jolly good day!

If you’re like me and procrastinate or take quick trips, you’re looking to see and do as much in a compact amount of time.

when visiting a foreign country, it’s best to take a month, but if all you have is a short amount of time, then here’s what I recommend to do with two days in London.

We bought $32 tickets for The Original Tour. It's the first hop on/hop off double decker tour bus in the world, and offering a refined guide of the city! It's strategically mapped to see all the notable interests of London, with either a live or audio guide. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

We went to Buckingham Palace.

Staying in a land ruled by queen has a very positive energy. There's more honor in the land, preservation of history, and regard for tradition with ceremonies like the changing of the guard that edify the country’s rich history.

One cool thing I noticed in the royal emblems throughout London were the symbol of a lion and a unicorn. On the gates of Buckingham Palace. On gates throughout the city. At the top of the Royal Albert and Victoria Museum. Unicorns were everywhere!

The Original Tour includes a Thames River Boat tour. I highly recommend timing your ticket just an hour before sunset. The trip lasts about a half hour and provides a unique and beautiful view of London from the water.

I’ve only been in London for 2 days, and already I have a deeper appreciation for the British refinement. It's interesting to see the country/origins of America. A lot of people were doggin' on Trump. An older, fatherlike man, kindly reminded us young Americans (regarding Britain), "we gave birth to you!" And my husband replied, "and we perfected you."

Traveling opens your mind to the perceptions of others. It humbles your spirit. It helps us realize America is not the only country in the world. If you have righteous desires to travel, do us all a favor, and do it!

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