Rome is gorgeous!

It's my new favorite world city. It's a metropolis weaved into an ancient city. There's several sights to see and delicious food to eat. The people are amazing and speak multiple languages. They put my lazy American pride to shame. It's hard to catch a break from the cigarettes and selfie-sticks, but no city is perfect. Rome is historic, pleasant, and affordable.

Here's my list of recommendations for Things To Do in Rome:

We arrived in the city at 4pm and caught a shuttle from the airport to our hotel. I'm glad my husband was an Eagle Scout because he realized that the cab driver was taking us to the wrong location, so be watchful and type in your own GPS (just in case)!

At 6PM,

We checked-in at our hotel, ate a piece a cake, and hit the town.

We booked our first night at a boutique hotel called Hotel Nerva (cost $150) across from the Hall of Colossus and the Forum of Augustus. If you book in advance, it's only $100. The room was tight, but very nice and it had excellent shampoo and conditioner. This price range allowed us to stay in budget and be in a great location. We were able to see a lot the first night.

The Coliseum, the Arch of Constantine, Patria National and ancient ruins are all located along one beautiful walk.

The first place we walked to was the Patria National. We were impressed by the massive architecture and glowing white marble against the dusk blue sky.

While it was built in 1920, this architectural feat made us understand how Rome was an ancient empire.

There's ancient ruins chilling in the middle of the city.