Haunted Utah

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Do you believe in ghosts?

I didn't...

Until I came to Grafton.

Grafton is a haunted. Legit: Ghost Town. It is home to one (of many) Mormon - Indian retaliation sites.

When the Mormon pioneers settled, they choked off the water ways and chopped down the trees. They thought they were going to homestead and the Indians thought owning land was inconceivable.

I let the cemetery gate slam shut behind me as I snapped an Instagram story.

It was an accident.

Too late.

The jarring noise and immediate silence prickled my skin.

The gate was so loud it echoed up the canyon.

I could see spirits rising from the graves.

In 1859, 5 pioneer families led a pilgrimage to settle Grafton even though Grafton was already settled by the Paiutes and the Navajos. Living in the desert and feeling pressure on natural resources, the 2 killed parties each other.

In this kind of heat, I could understand. My son was turning red like a cherry and retaliating against my husband.

We decided it was time to leave the cemetery and go to the school house. As a location scout/manager, I was interested in seeing the film location of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.

It looks like someone was murdered in this cabin.

and this spooky as all hell

We stepped into the basement of the schoolhouse, and the temperature dropped 20 degrees.

It smelled dank, and not the good kind. The moment I crossed the threshold, an insect whizzed by. It flew down my shirt and stung me!

I threw my shirt off and it disappeared. I put my camera down and said a prayer. I apologized to the spirits for slamming the cemetery gate. I knew it was irreverent and I promised not to do it again.

As I walked to the stairs, I saw a glow.

For a moment, I felt calm and had a revelation: Everywhere we go, treat it with respect.

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