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Guide: Sundance Film Festival

I celebrate Sundance harder than New Year. It's my favorite thing to do in January


This year's festival is January 18th – January 28th, 2024. Here's the schedule. From the film premieres to the parties, panels and free swag, here's everything you need to know about the 2024 Sundance Film Festival


Sundance is all about the film. There's both world and US categories in premieres, dramatic, documentary, midnight (horror), kids, New Frontier (technology), shorts and more! I always like to get tickets to one in each category and at least one film premiere @ the Egyptian Theater.

Egyptian Theatre Main St.
Egyptian Theatre Main St.


My favorite program at the festival is the New Frontier. Here, messages are shared in cutting-edge ways pushing the boundaries of storytelling and technology in an interactive space where everyone is welcome to explore. Some events require tickets or a special invite, but for the most part, New Frontier is free and open to the public.


The Co-Op is a fun place to get free schwag. Sundance Partner Brands take over the space, offering goods, games and a fun interactive brand experience. I've gotten everything from a Canada Goose beanie to water bottles and really cute souvenirs for friends and family. It's a nice place to rest your feet, and there’s always a fun photo opportunity.

There’s a Sundance booth where you can get a free Sundance water bottle and fill up with Brita filtered water. I love that they do a great job reducing plastic here.

Hot Tip:

It's very dry & high in Utah.

Pack: Water, sunscreen & chapstick.

Filmmakers Lodge

The filmmakers lodge is a nice place to warm up. They have areas to read trade magazines and grab coffee or cocoa. It's greatest offerings are industry panels. Most require a badge, ticket or invite, but some, you can RSVP and get in for free. I've always found these inspirational. One time, Jackie Chan was here!

There are film premieres,


Another film festival happening in Park City at the same time as Sundance is Slamdance!

Slamdance Film Festival

Slamdance is a more independent version of Sundance. There's a real gritty, indie, underground DIY vibe in the films. The festival takes place at the Treasure Mountain Inn on Main St. in Park City the first week of Sundance film festival


Hotels in Park City have never been more expensive. On average, hotels off Main St. cost $300-600/night during Sundance. Sometimes, $1-2K. It's always great to book an Airbnb or VRBO with friends. If you're trying to save money, Salt Lake City has a lot of great hotel options including Grand America Hotel & Hotel Monaco.


There's the UTA bus, trolleys, UBER and LYFT. My personal favorite method is driving my own car (despite the fact parking sucks). Driving is the safest, warmest, and best way to get to Park City. The closest parking lot is off Main St. or along the road leading up to it. Beware of the neighborhood signs. Parking lots near Main St. cost $40. There's free street parking way far away.

There's a UTA bus the transports from SLC - Park City in the morning, afternoon and evening. Once you're in Park City, there are free shuttles busses that shuttle people from venue to venue. There's also a free trolley that loops Main St. Utah's public transportation UTA Route 902 has a bus from SLC - PC on the hour between 5am-8am and night buses one the hour from PC - SLC 2:40pm - 7pm. $5-10.

The greatest thing about Utah is skiing. There's no greater joy than gliding down a mountain of whip cream. There's a lift on Main St. straight to PCMR and it's heaven on earth.

Another AWESOME unique thing to do in this area is swim The Crater. The Crater is an inactive volcano that's geothermal heat keeps it nice for swimming and scuba diving.

I recommend getting a nice palate of tickets, checking out the New Frontier & Co-Op, meeting cool new people and ending your adventure on the ski slopes or @The Crater.



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