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Guide: Salt Lake City

Updated: Jan 19

My family moved to Salt Lake City in the 90s, and I like to think of us as pioneers! At the time, the population was 90% Caucasian, 95% Mormon, and that extra 5-10% was Tongan Mormon. Samoan Mormon. Like... How'd you kidnap these happy brown people? I'm suspicious!

Over the last decade (and especially) last 2 years, Salt Lake has changed alot. It's attracting more diversity, and thankfully with that, more nightlife, culture, and food!

As a U of U alumni (go Utes!) and Hollywood Location Scout

Here's My Guide to Salt Lake City

Nature, family, art and parties!


The best thing about Salt Lake City is the nature! I love all the hiking and snow. It is heaven. My favorite places to explore:





My favorite hikes in SLC:



Bell Canyon

Ensign Peak

Timpanogos Cave

Bridal Veil Falls


Ashton Gardens

Red Butte Garden

Butterfly Biome


Discovery Zone

Clark Planetarium

Thanksgiving Point

Natural History Museum of Utah

The Museum of Natural Curiosity

My son and I love to play here! It's so extra you have to see it to believe it. There's a jungle ropes course, water/weather village, and adventure for days! There are so many great places to explore. I highly recommend it! Just bring a child because showing up alone as an adult is real out of place here.



Tulie Bakery


Takashi - Sushi

Market Street Grill

Settebello - Italian

Sawadee - Thai Food

Red Iguana - Mexican 🌯

Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop

The Pie Pizzeria


Hotel Monaco

Little America

Grand America Hotel



Modern West Fine Arts

Utah Museum of Fine Arts


Kingsbury Hall

Abravanel Hall

Capitol Theater


Farmer's Market

SLC Gallery Stroll

Twilight Concert Series Summer

Utah Arts Festival June 23-25, 2023




White Horse

London Belle

SKY SLC (rooftop)

The inside is a little vixx vapor rub ravey, but keep walking up the stairs for the rooftop to dance under the stars. I saw DJ Susan here for the first time and his song "Susanna" is my new jam!

Night Ideas 💡

For my sister's birthday, we had dinner at The Ivy, socialized at Lake Effect & Rabbit Hole Lounge, and finished the night dancing at London Belle. It was so fun!


Salt Lake Temple

In the spring, the tulips are gorgeous. Right now, the temple is under construction, but the grounds are always beautiful to walk. You can learn about the church and watch a free film. I think it's worth a visit! The sister missionaries are so sweet it's hard not to be touched by the spirit.

This is the Place Monument

"This is the Place" is where Mormon pioneers stopped their life-threatening journey across the plains and said, "This is the Place"!


Great Salt Lake

People love to post photos on the white salt flats of the Great Salt Lake on Instagram, but the truth is, it's a far drive, there are a lot of flies/pesky insects and it stinks. It's not at the top of my list, but it is unique to the area and there are some neat points of interest. Especially, if you like nature and solitude:

Spiral Jetty

Depending on the the time of the year, the jetty may be fully submerged and invisible to the naked eye.

Boneville Salt Flats

Every August, speed demons and car enthusiasts unite to break records on the salt flats.

Park City

Park City is a fun ski town with a lift from Main St. into the mountains. Home of the Sundance Film Festival and fresh mass migration of Angelinos, it has changed. It's less charming and boujee, but still worth a visit! There are art galleries, great places to eat and shop, drinkeries and more!

Midway Crater & Ice Castles

Midway is magical! Honestly, it's one of my favorite places in Utah. It has all the charm and natural attraction of a small town, and it's close to Park City. Settled by the Danish, this town has the architectural charm of its ancestry. It's very cute and very unique. It's a place to relax and retreat. At Midway Homestead/The Crater, I love to explore the ice castles and swim or scuba dive inside The Crater: A warm, inactive volcano.

Antelope Island

Just a 45 min drive north of SLC is the most pristine place to stargaze and watch the sunset. I also like to bird watch and admire the wildlife here.

I hope you enjoy! For more adventures, follow @ValDouroux on Instagram & YouTube


Val Douroux

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