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Wildflowers & Meteor Showers

There's an exciting energy in the air and it's the shift from summer to fall. It's that time of year to catch nature's most beautiful display: Wildflowers and Meteor Showers. Pack up the tent and let's go camping!

July - August is the perfect time to enjoy meteor showers and Wasatch mountain flowers!

In nature, the last of summer surprisingly blooms in the high mountains. High hikes open way to flower fields in the day and meteor showers by night! Two of the world's rare sights that spark a sense so grateful to be alive.

One of my favorite places to go is Cedar Breaks National Monument

Best hike for wildflowers: Rampart Trail

Firecracker Penstemon

Wasatch Beardtongue aka Wasatch Penstemon

Children of the Wild Variety

It's about 2-3 miles on the rim of a galactic orange rock valley that once sat at the bottom of an ancient sea bed. This hike is fun for kids. Stimulating for adults and great for making memories as a family. Add a road trip of camping adventure in Cedar Breaks to your bucket list & check out this list of 6 additional Meteor Showers you can see happening this summer from

Bonus: Best National Parks for Stargazing

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