Spring Flowers

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

I'm Val Douroux, Location Scout, and I love spring! It’s the most magical, Snow White time of the year. The birds are chirping, the squirrels are cute, and best of all, the flowers are in bloom.

Looking for flower fields, tangerine mountains, and gorgeous vistas? You’re in the right place! I've got a map and all the details.

Here are the Best Places to See Flowers in Los Angeles:

Malibu Creek State Park

$12 per car | $45 per camp

Malibu Creek State Park

Malibu Creek State Park is the most New Zealand-like part of Los Angeles. It's green with jutting mountain crags and mossy green grass like The Shire. It looks like a place you‘d find Frodo Baggins. Scars from the recent wildfires remain in the charred black tree frames, with vibrant green grass all around. It's stunning.

In March, the flowers start to bloom. They first bud on the hilltops. You can see a splash of orange on the ridge above my son.

Palos Verdes Peninsula


The road trip along Palos Verdes Drive is breathtaking, regardless! Spring - even better!

This Pacific beach cove town offers a colorful variety of flowers.

Point Dume

$10 parking

Situated on the beach with a bluff full of blooms, Point Dume is the best. You can bathe on the beach while looking at a mossy green cliffside covered in yellow wildflowers. OR hike and stand on top of it all. It's the perfect flower and beach location.

Straight out of Ferngully

Beyond LA, there are a lot of great places to see the flowers in So Cal. I'm certain your local hiking trail has something special in bloom, but if you're up for a road trip...

Here’s a list of the best places to see the flowers in Southern California:

Charizo Plain - Santa Barbara

Antelope Poppy Basin - Lancaster

Idyllwild-Pine Cove - San Bernardino

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park - San Diego

Lake Elsinore - Riverside


The crazy thing about Lake Elsinore is that I grew up here and had no idea about the poppies. Mom and dad... What were we doing?! Ha... No one cares about Lake Elsinore until the flowers bloom and then all of a sudden it's like "oh, Lake Elsinore. You're so cute!"

Lake Elsinore is an hour and a half drive from Los Angeles, and hands down, has the largest volume of poppies off the slopes of Walker Canyon.

Driving south on the I-5, you’ll start to see vibrant yellow blooms in Chino Hills and patches of orange as early as the Temescal Canyon freeway exit. The densest concentration of poppies is off Lake St (but with that comes an equally dense population of people).

Here’s how to avoid the throngs of people: Exit Lake St. and park in the lot South of the freeway. Everybody's parking north, and if you want to be a lazy fat American that gets a parking spot as close as possible, you'll be idling/burning gas for at least a half hour. Park south of Lake St. walk under the freeway, and walk right up the foot poppy trail.

If you want a less crowded area, exit one more freeway exit north on Nicholl’s Road. Not even a 1-2 mile drive, you'll see a small dirt parking lot facing a vast, open, natural area full of flowers. It's perfect for photoshoots and enjoying the flowers without a hoard of people.

That’s my guide for the best flower spots in LA. Do you have any recommendations? Where are your favorite places to go? If you found this article helpful, love it, share it, and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

What ever you do this spring... Go outside.

Breathe fresh air, take a glimpse at mother nature, and hug a tree.

Seeing the flowers is like being in a fairytale. Go see them while the super bloom lasts!

Love & Light,

Val Douroux

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