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Spring Flowers

Now is the perfect time to see wild spring flowers in bloom.

My favorite thing about Los Angeles is the flowers. Big buds, little buds, blooming all around! The warm, tropical weather blesses Southern California with the most beautiful flowers in the world! Here, the annuals become perennials, and Bougainvillea in bloom always. From LA - San Diego, here are the

Best Places to See Flowers in Southern California:



Anywhere along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) will always be a good view. Ocean on one side, bursts of color on the other. From Malibu to Palos Verdes you'll see glowing patches of yellow and lime green, purple, orange flowers blooming across the hills, and even from the crags in the cliffs.


LA Flower Market & District

The Flower District is always in bloom. importing (Affordable flowers to make your own arrangements,

or nice $10-15 bouquets to give.


LA Arboretum - Peacock Town

I love the LA Arboretum! Every season here is special. Every holiday, amazing. I love the way they decorate. Especially, Christmas and Chinese New Year. My favorite thing about this garden is the peacocks. They run this place like the mayor. They're everywhere and it's nice to see them roam free. It's a fun place to walk with friends and family, and let your kids run and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Caution/Beware: They're super aggressive


Palos Verdes Peninsula

Palos Verdes is a sight to see! This beautiful peninsula makes LA a more incredible place. It's like another country over here, where the flowers bloom freely.

One the most impressive blooms I've seen in landscaping!


Lake Elsinore - Riverside

Lake Elsinore gets a 4 because it's far out there, but WOW! It's looks like the Wizard of Oz.

Elsinore is a 60-90 min drive from Los Angeles and gorgeous between Late-March to Mid-May (weather depending). On this drive, you’ll see vibrant blooms along the

I-15 as soon as Chino Hills all the way to Temescal and Walker Canyon.

If you want to see the poppies without a hoard of people, drive +1 more freeway exit

north to Nicholl’s Road. In 1-2 miles, you'll see a small dirt parking lot facing an open mountain full of flowers. It's perfect for photoshoots without permits and people. I love this area too because it has these gorgeous purple flowers and patches perfect for sitting without smashing any flowers


Descanso Gardens

Descanso Gardens is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world. I know that's a bold claim, but I know a lot of botanical bitches who travel the world for gardens and they confirm: Descanso is IT

Fun Fact: This used to be a private residence garden and the home is still located there today with an art gallery adjacent.


Carlsbad Flower Fields

It doesn't get any more consistent than The Flower Fields in Carlsbad California March - May. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are full of color, variety and butterflies!

My son and I rode a tractor around the fields, played on a playground and even went through a sweet pea maze!


Point Dume, Malibu

On a beach, up a hike, off a bluff, Point Dume Malibu takes the cake for the ultimate spring flower bloom experience. Situated on the beach with a bluff full of blooms, Point Dume is the best. You can bathe in the sun on the beach, and look over at a vibrant green cliffside bursting with yellow wildflowers.


As a bonus:

Here's a Google Map of the Best Places to See Flowers CLICK HERE


- Val

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