Spring Flower Fields

Updated: May 9

My favorite thing about living in Los Angeles and California is the flowers!

Flowers all day, every day! Every season! Beautiful big and little buds blooming every day to say hi! With a nice ocean breeze and 80 degree weather average, Southern California has the best, most beautiful flowers in the world! Here, annuals are perennials and flower pots grow into bushes. Bougainvillea are always in bloom and every day another flower blooms.

Best Places to See Flowers in Southern California

Val's Choice:



Palos Verdes

Point Dume, Malibu

Nicholl's Canyon

Malibu State Park

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Antelope Poppy Reserve


The coast is always a good choice. Almost every LA freeway exit to a nice neighborhood has nice landscaping. Where there are nice palm trees there was foresight. Honestly, almost everywhere in LA has a beautiful landscape. Even the hood! Where my grandparents live off Crenshaw Blvd has nice palm trees.


LA Arboretum (Peacocks everywhere)

Descanso Gardens

LA Flower Market & District (Affordable flowers to make your own arrangements,

or nice $10-15 bouquets to give.

LA Arboretum

I love the LA Arboretum for the peacocks. They're everywhere here and they're SO COOL!!!! Caution/Beware: Let them be. Be careful. Don't assault the peacock.

They're aggressive.

The arboretum is massive. It's just enormous... And full of peacocks. I don't know if I've walked the whole place in one visit, but every single garden in the Arboretum is tropical and beautiful. There's a native California Garden. Succulent Garden. African Garden and special places to go. Every season is decorated beautifully. Especially Christmas and Chinese New Year. It's a fun place to gather and observe.


Blooming off the 2 Freeway right now is a rainbow patch of Portulaca cascading along the Foothills of La Cañada. This is the highest neighborhood in Los Angeles on the way to Descanso Gardens. Here, flowers are always in bloom.

Best Drives in LA

for Flowers:


Malibu Canyon

Pacific Palisades

1-15 to Chino Hills

Rachos Palos Verdes

Any Beach Town from San Diego - San Francisco


Palos Verdes Peninsula

The most immaculate yards and exotic blooms are in Palos Verdes Peninsula. Drive in the springtime, and you'll see every color flower poking through every crevice along the coast.


Point Dume

$10 parking

Situated on the beach with a bluff full of blooms, Point Dume is the best. You can bathe on the beach while looking at a mossy green cliffside covered in yellow wildflowers. OR hike and stand on top of it all. It's the perfect flower and beach location.

Straight out of Ferngully

Beyond LA, there are a lot of great places to see the flowers in So Cal. I'm certain your local hiking trail has something special in bloom, but if you're up for a road trip...


Lake Elsinore - Riverside


Mother Nature hasn't been too kind to the poppies this year. To get a look like the Wizard of Oz in Lake Elsinore or the Antelope Poppy Reserve requires a healthy amount of winter rainfall, and we didn't get that last year.

Lake Elsinore has a lot of poppies. Fun Fact! I lived there and didn't even know it until 2019. Elsinore is a 60-90 min drive from Los Angeles. If you drive south on I-5 between March and May (weather depending), you’ll see vibrant blooms as soon as Chino Hills all the way to Temescal and Walker Canyon.

That photo (above) was taken during the rare Super Bloom of 2019. That year, we had great rai

ns and mild winds in March the created the perfect climate for the flowers to grow.

If you want to see the poppies without a hoard of people, drive +1 more freeway exit north to Nicholl’s Road

ad. In 1-2 miles, you'll see a small dirt parking lot facing an open mountain full of flowers. It's perfect for photoshoots without permits and people. I love this area too because it has these gorgeous purple flowers that I can dream for dayz.

Have you been here? Post in the comments below! Where's your favorite place to see the flowers bloom? If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend and tag me in your posts! Follow @ValDouroux on Instagram for more adventures.


Descanso Gardens


Carlsbad Flower Fields

One of the most beautiful places to see the flowers in Spring is The Carlsbad Flower Fields. It doesn't get any more colorful or symmetrical than this. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are of the greatest in the world. It's a place where Botanists and volunteers freely dedicate their time to the preservation of poppies, orchids, roses, and snapdragons!

My son and I even went through a sweat pea maze! He lost his shoes there if any one finds a pair of Nike's boy size 7.



Charizo Plain - Santa Barbara

Antelope Poppy Basin - Lancaster

Idyllwild-Pine Cove - San Bernardino

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park - San Diego

LA Arboretum

Descanso Gardens

Huntington Library Gardens

Underwood Family Farms (Pick your own fruit!)

If you read this too late, & if all else fails, you can go to the Los Angeles Flower District and buy a beautiful bouquet.

Here's a Google Map for your convenience! Let us know where you go and places you recommend in the comments below!

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